Why Is Vaping Not Smoking?

Smoking and Vaping might sound akin, but they aren’t. 

The bygone year, if not anything, has shown us that being healthy can get you a long way. It is prime time you make the healthy switch. 

We are encircled by different habits— good and bad. While the good ones should stick around, the bad ones must be handled. One such dangerous habit is smoking. If you can quit, you can add years to your life. 

It’s challenging to just quit because it usually invites withdrawal symptoms, which are worse. 

Here comes the E-cigarettes or popularly known as Vapes that help quitting smoking, producing no after-effects. 

Vaping is a remedy to satisfy your nicotine drive but harmlessly. 

Smoking and vaping both deliver nicotine. But their point of contrast is, cigarettes deliver it by burning tobacco, causing harmful toxins to go into the lungs. Whereas vaping delivers nicotine via vapor liquids, that is implied much less harmful. 

Vaping is convenient to quit smoking as it produces feelings similar to cigarette smoking. 

In this post, we discuss the points of difference between Vaping and Smoking and form an extensive idea. 


Nicotine Effects

When you smoke, the burned tobacco releases several harmful chemicals and toxins like tar, which is fatal for your lungs. 

While vaping releases nicotine via e-liquids, that word means much less harm and more nicotine satisfaction.  

Despite the obsessive nature of nicotine, devouring them in limits never causes cancer. 

But when tobacco smoking is involved, people get addicted to its flavor and soon start chain-smoking, which is the prime culprit. 


But when you vape, addictive issues do not stand a chance.

Freebase nicotine can get you high, but as one can control the intake, there’s no way to harm. 

Vaping provides multiple ways to vape by choosing nicotine vape of varying flavors and strengths — which is a win-win. 


The Feeling

Vaping and smoking produce feelings that are alike, but once you start vaping, you come to know who’s the winner here.

Smoking cigarettes gives you a harsh hit to the lungs and, in most cases, you taste the bitter-tasting formaldehyde instead.

Also, your mouth stinks a lot from the flavors, even after filters.  

But with e-cigarettes, there’s no such dry hit. Although you might get some throat hit if you vape nicotine salts, that is way lesser than what traditional cigarettes offer. 

The unflavored nicotine is picked by many vapers who don’t enjoy sweetening tastes Many have commenced making DIY e-juices at homes!

When you vape the first time, you’ll start seeing how vaping is like smoking minus all its negative attributes.


Costs Involved

According to the report issued by the Ministry of Health, NZ, that aims to establish the country as a smoke-free population by the end of 2025, nicotine vape juice NZ is particularly more cost-efficient compared to regular cigarette smoking.  

Smoking, on average, takes up about fifteen to twenty smokes, which costs anywhere between $3000 to $9000, that seems unbeatable!

Whereas, vaping incurs an annual cost of not more than $900.

Along with being a healthier option, e-cigs are pocket-friendly as well. 

Therefore, it’s invariably a smart call to take sides with the lesser evil. 


After Effects

We are much familiarized with the term ‘passive smoking’ identified with traditional cigarettes. 

But in vaping, there’s no such perception. The flavored smoke contains fewer or no harmful agents that can produce passive smoking issues. 

The vapor does not dawdle too long in the air, unlike traditional ones. 

Even if you vape in a restricted room, the vapor gets in the thin air, and no such ‘after smell’ last. 


Quit Smoking

If you’re really expecting to get rid of smoking, it’s not too late. 

In recent years, vaping has proved to be a powerful boon in helping smokers to give up cigarettes for good. 

When you stop smoking after prolonged years, withdrawal symptoms are likely to follow. But vaping can let those from appearing. 

Choosing vapes over cigarettes is much safer and healthier. 

When you’re vaping, choose to buy only the best nicotine salts and e-juices (in case you enjoy fruity flavors) from trusted online or local stores. 

People who quit smoking and start vaping see the results within a few days. 

Most health benefits are seen when you stop smoking altogether. For some, cutting down daily cigarette intake might be helpful in quitting, but your goal should be to end it for good. 

In case you make the pick and resolve to switch to a healthier option, you might buy nicotine e-liquid Australia for a healthier you. 



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