Best Vapor Liquids To Satisfy Your Nicotine Drive


Taking Nic salts lets you have double the fun and lesser side effects of freebase nicotine

Its glory has been rising throughout the years because of its edge over other vape liquids.

Nicotine salts or Nic salts allow you to vape at a higher nicotine strength without running the dry throat hit you’re used to. This again means you take more bang for your buck! 

You end up vaping less because you pick up a lot more nicotine. So, if you love that easy-breezy feeling, but hate having to vape 24x7, nic salts might be right for you.

It lets smokers quit smoking and choose a healthier option. 

But what makes them so suitable? 

It’s because it brings the nearest experience to smoking tobacco and that too with no burning sensation in the throat.

Benefits of Nicotine vape caters to it being soft in tasting, user-friendly device, use of fewer e-liquids, longer shelf life, and plenty more. 

Therefore, knowing the Vapor Liquids which will gratify your nicotine drive is essential. 

Here we consider 5 top brands you should look into. 


Dinner Lady

It is a UK-based Nic salt product and is one of the best nicotine salt brands in the vaping industry. Dinner Lady e liquids are accessible in pretty much every combo you could want. Nic Salt, 50pg/50vg, High VG (70VG) in both 10ml and short-fill.

For the rim to lung (50/50 and Nic Salts), you can use any vape kit. Coiled with Kanthal wire A1 26ga at 1.2ohms resistance and vaping at 15 watts.

It has these dripper bottles and never fails to offer a refreshing dessert and fruit-based flavour e-liquid. 


Dr Frost Salts

On opening a Dr Frost pack, you’ll smell that rich fruity lace. 

Dr Frost Salt Nic e-liquids are blends of Malaysian style e juices now made using nic salt.

The nic salt is excellent for new vapers using Pod Devices and Starter Kits. It hits the throat quite smoothly compared to regular e-liquids. 

Nic Salt is perfect for new vapers using Pod devices and Starter Kits. Nic Salt provides a smoother throat hit compared to traditional e-liquids. 

Besides, you can go high with no harsh effects on the throat. 

You can avail of it in 6 different flavours. It leaves a cooling menthol when let out. 


Fresh Farms

It is a California-based brand that is the fruitiest among all its rivals. 

As curators of hand-crafted vapor liquids exploding with ripe flavours of fresh fruits, they ensure you a taste that will baffle your Tastebuds.

They are handy in varieties of 35 mg and 50 mg Salt Nicotine and come in a 30ml Plastic Bottle. 


Fresh Farms Fruitia

It is one of the best e-juice products from Southern California and another offering from the Fresh Farms brand. 

Their fruit-flavoured e-liquids are a must of every vaper.

These island-inspired e-liquids work well in your favourite low-wattage vape process and release ultra-smooth, fruit-stuffed vapour.

The exceptional vape experience is viable only with the highest quality nicotine packed in Fruitia Salts.


Riot Squad Salt 

It is a UK-based premium e-juice brand. They’ve integrated 100% menthol with a fruit or tobacco twist. 

You can avail of their liquids more than your high VG. You can pick up their salts of differing strengths. No matter what kit you have, your nicotine craze will be satiated by a vast variety of this brand. 

For the 50/50 hybrid juice, the kit should have a resistance to 1 ohm. In fact, pods and starter kits go well with this nicotine vape.

These Nic salt e-juices are those standout brands that have been leading the charts for so long. Their promise goes unmatched to vapers who crave to buy nicotine E liquid Australia.

High VG liquids feel much smoother than their / or high PG counterparts. So when adding Nic shots, the overall quality of the vape improves, making it super smooth and comfortable. 

For new vapers, fast nicotine delivery is something that aids them to quit smoking. Nic salts are becoming more obvious because of their tobacco-smoking alike feel. 

The JUUL culture has taken over the market by storm. 

Loving these brands? 

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