Nicotine Salt Vs E-Juices

Nicotine Salt nicotine vape juice NZ Nicotine Vape NZ

The vaping world, no matter how fun it sounds, can be a tad bit confusing. Especially, when you are a first time vaper. 

There's just too much stuff going on every day for one to learn. 

With each vaping product carrying a distinct charm, it does help to form a comprehensive idea about things at hand. However, with vape juices, luckily there are two significant types that you ought to know about–Nic Salt and Regular e-juice. 

As you get to understand each product better, you gain more confidence with your vaping  and indulge in a safe and fun filled vaping experience. 

Nicotine Salts 

Simply put, nicotine salt infused e liquids refers directly to the nicotine type that's there in Propylene Glycol (PG) as well as Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Together, they contribute towards a bulk portion of the eliquid. 

In essence, nicotine salt juice is naturally extracted from tobacco leaves and retains a similar feel like that of traditional cigarettes. This is why when you vape nic salts, you tend to feel a lot less harsh hit coming from the puff. 

Typically, nicotine vape carries a higher degree of nicotine concentration and are all the way “bioavailable”. In other words, it facilitates quick absorption  to offer the rush you desire. Also, compared to regular e juices, nic slats give out less vapor and are a perfect choice for all those who prefer keeping a low profile. Anyone who is looking to get over his addiction to cigarettes can significantly benefit from nic salts as it satisfies your “thirst for nicotine”, and causes no harm in the process. 



Technically speaking, e-juices is the more commonly used term to differentiate freebase nicotine from nicotine salts. What it means is the nicotine used in this case, is chemically in its purest form.

As an inherent characteristic, it readily turns to vapor when exposed to low temperature. Thus, it gets slowly absorbed into your body  and unlike nicotine vape NZ does not generate the so-called “rush”.  

More importantly, e juices account for a much stronger hit and also bigger cloud formations that vape enthusiasts like and love. For anyone who wants to try e liquids as a means to quit cigarettes, there are several flavours to choose from. More so, one can customize using varying nicotine strength and create your own blend to vape. 

Choice of devices 

When differentiating between nicotine salts and ejuices, the choice of device does play a significant role. It not only helps you draw out the maxim from each eliquid type but also saves you from potential hazards of overdoing stuff. 

Anyone who ends up using a wrong device also runs the risk of burning the coil and damaging the device. For what's worse, nicotine poisoning  can also happen at any point in time. 

Remember, vaping is all the way safe, but not knowing what kind of product you are using and the supported device can lead to not so pleasurable results. Thus, when you are using nicotine salts, your choice of device should be limited to using low wattage devices, pod mods and refillable pod systems. 

On the other end, when you vape with e juices that can offer a wide range of nicotine strength, vape kits and mod boxes should be your go-to devices. 

Which vaping product is right for me 

While there’s no easy to answer to the eternal dilemma, the following pointers can certainly make your life easy: 

  • Look out for vaping products that are labelled as sub-ohm safe nic salt e-juices. Essentially, they are a variation of nicotine salts specially formulated for vape kits and box mods.
  • Refer to the product description to find out whether the vaping product is sub-ohm safe.

Wrap up 

The significant differences between e juices and nicotine salts invariably boils down to one's personal preference. 

Do  you prefer a strong or a mild hit?

Fancy bigger clouds or like to keep a low profile?

Do you need to feel the nicotine rush within you ? 

Do you like to blend several products to create a unique flavor for yourself ? 

These are interesting questions, the answers to which should invariably alley you 

up to the right kind of product to be used to amplify your vaping experience.

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