Popular Vapour Liquids In New Zealand 2020

Momentum Vape Co NZ is one of the leading stockists and distributors of Vapor Liquids in New Zealand and according to their top product selling list of products and some analytical data, they have figured out, there are some popular vape E liquids NZ vapors like the most. As they are also into this business, their products are able to offer the best kind of vaping experience to the consumers. Both the beginners and used vapers have expressed their satisfaction with product authenticity.

The best vaporiser manufacturers are there in our supplier’s list. They chose them from around the world on the basis of their material standard, reputation, and experience in the field. Therefore, only the top producers could make their way into the online store. Let's check out some popular E-Liquid brands. 

Dinner Lady

Vape Dinner Lady has kept its finger on the pulse of the vape juice NZ consumers. It occurred in the New Zealand vaping online market after thorough research and analysis of the quality and taste.

 Dinner Lady Vapour Liquid

The mixing experts in the production center have a proper understanding of the blend that could develop the taste that the community deserves. These E-liquids are invariably made in small batches. Pharmaceutical grade nicotine ensures no hazard to health.

These tasty and quality vapor liquids are growing fast as one of the most prospective E-liquid brands of the world.

Dr. Frost

We have engaged the tangy Ice Cold Malaysian style Dr. Frost vapour-liquid in our vape store New Zealand. You can satisfy the thrust for nicotine vaping with the icy cold fruit flavours. It will bring up an ultimate fresh feeling in you.



The Malaysian manufacturer has included a new range into the product. Dr. Frost is now available in Candy Cane flavour. The introduction of milkshake based flavours are known as “frost shakes”, has offered the consumers with the required versatility.

We offer the products at the most economical rate. For instance, the mixed fruit pack offered in dual packs is available at just $19.99 + taxes. Prices of other varieties are also kept at a competitive range.

Fresh Farms

Fresh Farms is mostly enjoyed by people who like nicotine vape liquid. It is one of the premier nicotine E-liquids to hit the market forever.



Products of the brand have been developed and modified in California, USA. The blenders are avid e-liquid users themselves. Therefore, they are fully conversant about the required blend of flavour and ingredients within such products.

Mixing of nicotine has added to the features. But, only pharmaceutical forms are added to negate health issues.

Addition of nicotine has endeared these products. But, we have always strived to keep the prices within range besides confirming that there is no compromise over quality.

Fresh Farms Fruitia

Vapor liquids of this type are produced in the southern part of California. These are called Fruitia as the liquids carry a strong essence of fruits. It is one of the tropical themed collections.

Tropical flavours within Fresh Farms Fruitia are packed with island inspired combinations. The detectable tropical flavours mixed-beam brings up a delicious experience for both the sweet-sour and fruity-creamy lovers.

We have gathered the products after verifying that the developers have proper recognition for quality, accuracy, and uniqueness.

Riot Squad

The favourable addition from the UK was added to our checklist for the unmatched production process that the producers show.

The Riot Labs shows a rebellion with their authentic branding that reveals unparalleled innovation.

We like their spirit to go back to the fundamental level. The product development was inquisitively done from a molecular level. The innovative merchandisers always looked to stand unique, and retain within count.

The spirit of stand alone is also exhibited in the names. For example, there is Molotov Menthol; it defunct the senses with a fragrance of fruit menthol. Taste buds of the consumer would ruin instantly too.

Riot Squad Punk Granade

The Riot Squad Punk Granade is one of the most successful E-liquids in the current Vape liquid market in New Zealand. But, it deprives nicotine vape liquid NZ enthralled.

Punk Granade is more known for the instilled lemonade flavour. The authentic punk theme is an absolute homage for the quality intakes.

While selecting the product for our favourable collection, we have also considered the fact that the product is awarded with the ‘Juice of the Year 2019’ at the Vapour Rounds Awards. Ecigclick has also described it as ‘An absolutely turning quarter of E-liquids.’

Vampire Vape ConceptXiX

The authentic vaping liquid offers a perfect mouth-watering fruit sensation. The beautiful product is available in individual 60-ml bottles that contain 50 ml content. It is a perfect wizard for starters.

It is designed by the vampire vape E-liquid in the UK. The producers are known to market a number of vape juices that are known for quality.

Ingredients contain vape oil with child lock. The liquids fit E-Cigarettes starter kits. There is no hopeful news for nicotine consumers.

Our online market has stock of varieties like Phat Drizzle, Pie Eyed, the Pinkman etc. Every piece comes up with a unique fruit taste sensation.

Jam Monster

Jam Monster is spoken by the nicotine vape liquid consumers. The unique fruit flavour combination is a unique morning treat. The essence is retained throughout the day.


Our established vapor shop offers Monster in fresh apples, grape, strawberries and blueberries jam flavours. Every flavour is further augmented with a delicate spread of butter.

Every kind of flavour is available with basic jam flavour. You will get a sweet tart feeling at the time of inhaling. Light butter note is accompanied with a fresh and warm toasty feeling as you exhale. All these elucidate detectable intense satisfaction.

The quality vape juices are offered in various nicotine strengths. These include 0, 3 and 6mg. Its base is composed of vegetable glycerine (75%) and propylene glycerol (25%).

Final Thouhgts

Our strong and learned customer service team is there to cater to your needs within the shortest period of time.

If you have any query about our product, feel free to contact our customer service either by phone or via email. Our service representative at the desk will happily supply you the needed information.

A single call will make you conversant about our vastest range of Vapor Liquids NZ.

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